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SARAH: Okay, Casey’s gonna have to unlock this for us. Until then-
HEATHER: I’ll finish what I was saying.
SARAH: Running your mouth is not going to get you Witness Protection.
HEATHER: You were never gonna call Witness Protection, so let’s just call this payback for lying.
CHUCK: What do you mean, “payback”?
HEATHER: I got hitched to a dork just like you. Sweet. Dumb. Loyal. A mutt. And that was attractive. I thought, “this schmuck is gonna make me a better person,” and for ten minutes I convinced myself I didn’t mind movie night or dinner at six. But then my true nature kicked in, and the reason this conversation has Burton so upset is because it’s doing the same for her. We’re the same.
SARAH: I’m not gonna dignify this.
CHUCK: Right. Yeah. Because we are professionals. [he puts his fingers in his ears] And we cannot hear a word that you are saying.
HEATHER: She’s all spy. White weddings, rugrats in a minivan? It’s not in our wiring.
CHUCK: Hey, hey, hey. Heather, guess what. You talk too much.
HEATHER: Burton, be kind to him. He’s too sick in love to see the truth. [to Chuck] Just remember, she keeps secrets for a living.
CHUCK: Tell me, why are we saving your life again?
HEATHER: Because of my connection with Frost. And my time with her in Burma.
[the door behind them starts to open]
SARAH: Casey?
HEATHER: I’m right, and she can’t face it. That’s why she’s upset.
CHUCK: She’s not upset, Heather. Okay? I know what she looks like when she’s upset, and it’s more like-
[Hugo comes through the hatch and punches Chuck, Sarah kicks Hugo and he stumbles through the vent shaft, taking Chuck with him, Sarah goes to help Chuck when Heather starts to leave]
SARAH: Help me!
HEATHER: Sorry, kitten. You’re on your own. You know you’d do the same.
[Sarah leaves Chuck to take care of Heather, Hugo tries to hang onto Chuck]
CHUCK: Oh, no, no, no. Not the tie. Not the tie!
[Sarah and Heather are still fighting, Hugo starts to punch Chuck, now trying to take him down with him, Chuck flashes and fights back, Sarah momentarily knocks Heather to the ground and goes help Chuck, Heather gets up and tries to run again but Sarah stops her, they continue to fight and Chuck continues to struggle against Hugo but eventually manages to pry him off and Sarah manages to knock Heather to the ground again, this time long enough so she can pull Chuck out]
SARAH: That felt good.

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